Alumni Questionnaires

A number of Marquette University High School alumni responded to a request to complete a questionnaire about their experiences attending high school in the Near West Side. MUHS is a regional high school, and most students lived in other parts of the Milwaukee or in the suburbs. In addition to their names, the years they graduated from high school, their primary interests as students, and where they lived the respondents answered a few simple questions about the school’s relationship to the neighborhood:

  • What were your impressions of the neighborhood during the time you attended MUHS? How did your classmates respond to the neighborhood?
  • What businesses, entertainment venues, parks, or recreational opportunities were in the neighborhood when you attended school? Were there particular “hangouts” for students near school?
  • Did you feel connected with the community surrounding the school? Did MUHS encourage you to be involved in any way with the community, either formally (Key Club, the Shared Life program), or informally?
  • Did students have a sense of the attitudes of neighborhood residents toward the school?
  • How did MUHS’s location on the west side affect your high school experience? Did it matter that you went to school at 35th and Wisconsin instead of, say, in a suburb?

Click on the name of a respondent to read their unedited answers.

John Gurda, 1963

Jim Johannes, 1968

Chris Lese, 1992

Timothy McMahon, 1983

Joseph Reichenberger, 1960

Peter Staudenmaier, 1984

Alumni Questionnaires